What is

Pardon My Kindness?

Pardon My Kindness AKA PMK. is a movement that wants to change the world by creating and inspiring acts of kindness.

Image by KE ATLAS

I can do things you cannot,

you can do things I cannot;

together, we can do great things.

- Mother teresa



     Children are the perfect example that we are born kind, without bias and with the capacity to love unconditionally. As we grow up, we are taught by our guardians, environment and life circumstances how we should treat others. This leads to a variety or beliefs, behaviors and expectations. Not everyone is working with the same 'tools' that we are and we must be understanding of that. Kindness plays a pivotal role here. There is a quote that states "Kindness is the understanding that we all struggle". If we approach every situation with this in mind our response would be one of compassion rather than reaction.

     Witnessing all of the divisive rhetoric through the Black Lives Matter Movement, Covid-19 Pandemic, U.S. Politics, and other current events is too much for anyone to handle. The CDC has stated "mental health diagnoses have been on the rise as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic". A U.S. Government survey found that the nation's mood has continued to darken.  I truly believe kindness is the cure for all that ails us. Specifically, all of the anger, hate, negativity, and self serving behavior. Watching things unfold in the United States I couldn't help but to feel as though I needed to do more to help. In the U.S. we are plagued with racism, sexism, ageism, classism, homophobia, and more. Most of this stems from the past when it was considered acceptable and a "part of life". It doesn't have to be this way.

     I am not a billionaire, a millionaire or a person with disposable income so I do not have the power to change everyone's circumstances but I do have the power to add levity. I have the ability to let others know they are not alone, they are loved, their feelings matter, and they should be proud of themselves. I can find a way to make a substantial impact in someone's life when the time presents itself and I can do this through kindness. Acts of kindness have the unique effect of inspiring further acts of kindness which can in turn create a never ending ripple. A kinder world is a better world.

     My first step in creating this kinder world was the creation of KindCards. KindCards are the size of your standard business card. On the front are colorful backgrounds with varying encouraging messages and on the back is a QR code which links you to this website and the simple message of Save me or Share me. The idea is you would hold on to the card and use it as a motivator to continue moving forward. When you feel you have reached your goal you then hand it off to someone you feel may need the inspiration and/or motivation. These cards were free to all who request them. I wanted to give anyone from any economic position the ability to perform acts of kindness at no cost to them, not even postage. Due to it's overwhelming popularity and my lack of funds the KindCards project has been temporarily halted. The hope is in the near future to find a way to get these cards out to as many people as possible.

     My goal is to inspire a Kindness Movement the world has never seen before. Inspiring kindness is how we make this happen. With the power of many we have the ability to create change on a monumental scale. We could make an impact on the challenges we face as a planet by simply uniting together with the mission to create a world where everyone is treated with kindness and compassion. There is no limit to what we can accomplish when kind people come together for the greater good.